プリンス 公式曲一覧(T~Z)

曲名 収録アルバム
Take Me With U Purple Rain 1984
Tambourine Around The World In A Day 1985
Tangerine Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
Te Amo Corazón 3121 2006
Tell Me How U Wanna Be Done Crystal Ball 1998
Temptation Around The World In A Day 1985
That Girl Thang 3rd Eye Girl 2013
The Arms Of Orion Batman 1989
The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker Sign O' The Times 1987
The Beautiful Ones Purple Rain 1984
The Breakdown iTunesストア 2014
The Continental Love Symbol 1992
The Cross Sign O' The Times 1987
The Daisy Chain NPG Music Club 2001
The Dance NPG Music Club 2001
The Ever Changing Light Kamasutra 1998
The Everlasting Now The Rainbow Children 2001
The Exodus Has Begun Exodus 1995
The Flow Love Symbol 1992
The Future Batman 1989
The Gold Standard Art Official Age 2014
The Good Life Exodus 1995
The Greatest Romance Ever Sold Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
The Holy River Emancipation 1996
The Human Body Emancipation 1996
The Ladder Around The World In A Day 1985
The Love We Make Emancipation 1996
The Lubricated Lady NPG Funky Weapon Remix 1990
The Marrying Kind Musicology 2004
The Max Love Symbol 1992
The Morning After Lotus Flow3r 2009
The Morning Papers Love Symbol 1992
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World The Gold Experience 1995
The One New Power Soul 1998
The One U Wanna C Planet Earth 2007
The Other Side Of The Pillow The Truth 1998
The Plan Kamasutra 1998
The Question Of U Graffiti Bridge 1990
The Rest Of My Life The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale 1999
The Ride Crystal Ball 1998
The Sacrifice Of Victor Love Symbol 1992
The Same December Chaos And Disorder 1996
The Sensual Everafter The Rainbow Children 2001
The Song Of The Heart Happy Feet soundtrack 2006
The Sun, The Moon And Stars Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
The Truth The Truth 1998
The War The War 1998
The Word 3121 2006
The Work Part 1 The Rainbow Children 2001
There Is Lonely The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale 1999
Thieves In The Temple Graffiti Bridge 1990
This Could B Us Hitnrun Phase One 2015
This Could Be Us Art Official Age 2014
Thunder Diamonds And Pearls 1991
Tick, Tick, Bang Graffiti Bridge 1990
Tictactoe Prectrumelectrum 2014
Time Art Official Age 2014
Tokyo C-Note 2004
Trust Batman 1989
U Got The Look Sign O' The Times 1987
U Know Art Official Age 2014
U Make My Sun Shine U Make My Sun Shine 2000
Under The Cherry Moon Parade 1986
Underneath The Cream NPG Music Club 2001
Undisputed Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
United States Of Division NPG Music Club 2001
Until U're In My Arms Again New Power Soul 1998
Uptown Dirty Mind 1980
U're Gonna C Me One Nite Alone... 2002
Valentina MPLSound 2009
Van Gogh NPG Music Club 1998
Vavoom NPG Music Club 2001
Venus De Milo Parade 1986
Vicki Waiting Batman 1989
Violet The Organ Grinder Gett Off EP 1991
Walk Don't Walk Diamonds And Pearls 1991
Walk In Sand 20Ten 2010
Wall Of Berlin Lotus Flow3r 2009
Wasted Kisses New Power Soul 1998
Way Back Home Art Official Age 2014
We Gets Up Emancipation 1996
We March The Gold Experience 1995
Wedding Feast The Rainbow Children 2001
Welcome 2 The Dawn The Truth 1998
West N.E.W.S. 2003
What Do U Want Me 2 Do? Musicology 2004
What If ラジオで放送 2015
What It Feels Like Art Official Age 2014
What's My Name Crystal Ball 1998
When 2 R In Love Lovesexy 1988
When Doves Cry Purple Rain 1984
When Eye Lay My Hands On U NPG Music Club 2001
When She Comes Hitnrun Phase Two 2015
When The Lights Go Down The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale 1999
When U Love Somebody New Power Soul 1998
When We're Dancing Close And Slow Prince 1979
When You Were Mine Dirty Mind 1980
Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
Whitecaps Prectrumelectrum 2014
White Mansion Emancipation 1996
Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad? Prince 1979
Willing And Able Diamonds And Pearls 1991
With You Prince 1979
Wow Prectrumelectrum 2014
Xcogitate Xpectation 2003
Xemplify Xpectation 2003
Xenophobia One Nite Alone... Live! 2002
Xhalation Xpectation 2003
Xogenous Xpectation 2003
Xosphere Xpectation 2003
Xotica Xpectation 2003
Xpand Xpectation 2003
Xpectation Xpectation 2003
Xpedition Xpectation 2003
X's Face Hitnrun Phase One 2015
Xylophone NPG Music Club 2003
Y Should  Do That When  Can Do This? NPG Music Club 2001
Young And Beautiful One Nite Alone... 2002