曲名 収録アルバム
East N.E.W.S. 2003
Electric Chair Batman 1989
Electric Intercourse Purple Rain Deluxe Edition 2017
Elephants & Flowers Graffiti Bridge 1990
Emale Emancipation 1996
Emancipation Emancipation 1996
Empty Room NPG Music Club 2001
Endorphinmachine The Gold Experience 1995
Erotic City B side / Let's Go Crazy 1985
Escape B side / Glam Slam 1988
Ethereal Mix Gett Off EP 1991
Everybody Loves Me 20Ten 2010
Everywhere The Rainbow Children 2001
Extraloveable iTunesストア 2011
Extraloveable Reloaded 3rd Eye Girl 2013
Extraordinary The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale 1999
Eye Hate U The Gold Experience 1995
Eye Love U, But  Don’t Trust U Anymore Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
Eye No Lovesexy 1988
Eye Wanna Melt With U Love Symbol 1992
Father's Song Purple Rain Deluxe Edition 2017
F.U.N.K. 2007
Face Down Emancipation 1996
Fallinlove2nite Hitnrun Phase One 2015
Family Name The Rainbow Children 2001
Fascination The Truth 1998
Father's Song Purple Rain (映画) 1984
Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful Lotus Flow3r 2009
Feel U Up B side / Partyman 1989
Fixurlifeup Prectrumelectrum 2014
For You For You 1978
Forever In My Life Sign O' The Times 1987
Freaks On This Side New Power Soul 1998
Free 1999 1982
Free Urself TIDAL 2015
Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife Emancipation 1996
From The Lotus... Lotus Flow3r 2009
Funknroll Art Official Age,
Funky Design NPG Music Club 2001
(Eye Like) Funky Music New Power Soul 1998
Fury 3121 2006
Future Baby Mama Planet Earth 2007
Future Soul Song 20Ten 2010
Gamillah NPG Music Club 2001
Gangster Glam Gett Off EP 1991
Get Loose! Crystal Ball 1998
Get Off NPG Funky Weapon Remix 1990
Get On The Boat 3121 2006
Get Some Solo Gett Off EP 1991
Get Wild Exodus 1995
Get Yo Groove On Emancipation 1996
Gett Off Diamonds And Pearls 1991
Gigolos Get Lonely Too Originals 2019
Girl B side / America 1985
Girl 6 Girl 6 1996
Girls & Boys Parade 1986
Glam Slam Lovesexy 1988
Glasscutter NPG Music Club 2001
God B side / Purple Rain 1984
Gold The Gold Experience 1995
Golden Parachute NPG Music Club 2001
Goldie's Parade Gold Nigga 1993
Goldnigga Gold Nigga 1993
Good Life Exodus 1995
Good Love Crystal Ball 1998
Goodbye Crystal Ball 1998
Gotta Broken Heart Again Dirty Mind 1980
Gotta Stop (Missin' About) B side / Let's Work 1982
Graffiti Bridge Graffiti Bridge 1990
Groovy Potential 3rd Eye Girl 2013
Guess Who's Knockin' Gold Nigga 1993
Guitar Planet Earth 2007
Habibi NPG Music Club 2001
Had U Chaos And Disorder 1996
Hallucination Rain Exodus 1995
Hardrocklover Hitnrun Phase One 2015
Have A ♥ One Nite Alone... 2002
Head Dirty Mind 1980
Hello B side / Raspberry Beret 1985
Here MPLSound 2009
Here On Earth One Nite Alone... 2002
Hide The Bone Crystal Ball 1998
High NPG Music Club 2001
Holly Rock Originals 2019
Horny Pony Gett Off EP 1991
Horny Toad B side / Delirious 1983
Hot Summer ストリーム配信 2010
Hot Thing Sign O' The Times 1987
Hot Wit U Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic 1999
Housebangers Gett Off EP 1991
Housequake Sign O' The Times 1987
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore B side / 1999 1982
Hypno Paradise NPG Music Club 1999
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man Sign O' The Times 1987
I Feel For You Prince 1979
I Like It There Chaos And Disorder 1996
I Love U In Me B side / The Arms Of Orion 1989
I Rock, Therefore I Am Chaos And Disorder 1996
I Wanna Be Your Lover Prince 1979
I Will Chaos And Disorder 1996
I Wish U Heaven Lovesexy 1988
I Wonder U Parade 1986
I Would Die 4 U Purple Rain 1984
If Eye Could Get Ur Attention TIDAL 2015
If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life Musicology 2004
If I Was Your Girlfriend Sign O' The Times 1987
Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance Musicology 2004
I'm Yours For You 1978
In Love For You 1978
In This Bed  Scream Emancipation 1996
Incense And Candles 3121 2006
Insatiable Diamonds And Pearls 1991
Interactive Crystal Ball 1998
International Lover 1999 1982
Into The Light Chaos And Disorder 1996
Irresistible Bitch B side / Let's Pretend We're Married 1983
It Sign O' The Times 1987
It's About That Walk The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale 1999
It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night Sign O' The Times 1987
It's Gonna Be Lonely Prince 1979

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